Elkay SwirlFlo Single

The Elkay SwirlFlo Single Fountain is a stylish single-point wall-mounted drinking fountain.

The Elkay SwirlFlo Single Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain features a FlexiGuard Anti-bacterial safety nozzle for user safety, while the basin is contoured to reduce splashing. The Elkay SwirlFlo single drinking fountain is ideal for indoor or sheltered outdoor public spaces such as shopping centres, airports and offices. The easy-to-use fountain can be mounted at any height, making it suited to preschool and daycare centres.

Configure your Elkay SwirlFlo Single

Customise this Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain to your specific requirements.

Hygiene Features

Lead-free Plumbing

Left to Right Water Flow

Mouth Guard

Real Drain System

WaterMark™ Certified

Product Features

One Drinking Fountain with Mouth Guard

Disability-friendly Design (DDA Compliance Design)

Oval Basin Design to Reduce Splashing

Easy-to-use Front Push-button

Up to Five Year Warranty

Configure yourElkay SwirlFlo Single

Configuration Options


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