Elkay EZH2O Auto-Sensor In-Wall

The Elkay EZH2O® Auto-Sensor water bottle refilling station is the perfect choice for those who value both style and sustainability.

This innovative unit seamlessly blends space-saving design with advanced technology. This makes it ideal for offices, campuses, and other architectural settings. The unit is wrapped in an elegant stainless steel frame plate that sits flush with the wall.

Elkay EZH2O Auto-Sensor In-wall Water Bottle Refilling Station quickly delivers fresh drinking water through an anti-microbial bottle refill nozzle whilst enhancing sustainability by reducing the user’s dependency on disposable plastic bottles. It comes with the added option of an inbuilt Elkay 51300c WaterSentry Plus or 5MC Micron Filter. The sanitary no-touch activation sensor has a 20-second shut-off time, while the Green Ticker counts the number of bottles saved from waste.

Configure your Elkay EZH2O Auto-Sensor In-Wall

Customise this Sleek and Sustainable Hydration Solution to your specific requirements.

Hygiene Features

Optional Filter

Green ticker

Real Drain System

Silver-ion Antimicrobial Bottle Refill Protection

Touchless Sensor Activation

WaterMark™ Certified

Product Features

Anti-microbial Bottle Refill Nozzle (AS1428.2 1992 complaint)

Fully Recessed In-wall Design

Stainless Steel Construction

Sanitary No-touch Auto Sensor Activation

Disability-friendly Design

Up to Five Year Warranty*

Configure your Elkay EZH2O Auto-Sensor In-Wall

Configuration Options


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