Elkay EZH2O Vandal-Resistant

The Elkay Vandal-Resistant EZH2O is a filtered and chilled drinking fountain and bottle refill station featuring an extra heavy-duty wall-mounted design suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Elkay EZH2O Vandal-Resistant Drinking Fountain and Water Bottle Refill Station quickly delivers a clean water bottle fill whilst enhancing sustainability by reducing the user’s dependency on disposable plastic bottles. The EZH2O bottle refill outlet is push button activated with an automatic 20-second shut off timer, while the built in Green Ticker counts the quantity of bottles saved from waste. It comes with an optional inbuilt Elkay 51300c WaterSentry Plus or 5MC Micron Filter.

Architecture & Access Accessibility Statement Elkay EZH2O Vandal-Resistant

The Elkay EZH2O Vandal-Resistant Bottle Filling Station with Drinking Fountain is in line with international standards, more recent Australian Standards and current anthropometric data of people seated in a manual wheelchair.

Certifications, Statements and Warranty

Product Features

Bottle Refill Station with a Single Drinking Fountain

Filtered and Refrigerated Water

Visual Filter Monitor & Green Ticker


Configure your Elkay EZH2O Vandal-Resistant

Configuration Options

Water Filter

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