Elkay EZH2O LivPro

Serve guests and colleagues cleaner, healthier water in a sustainable way with a stylish in-wall filtered water dispenser.

Elkay EZH2O LivPro is a hands-free water dispenser designed for commercial and hospitality environments such as lobbies and conference rooms. It features silver-ion antimicrobial bottle refill protection and it comes with the added option of Elkay ECF3000 WaterSentry Plus Filter.

Say goodbye to ordering expensive disposable bottled water that takes up precious storage space.

Configure your Elkay EZH2O LivPro

Customise this Sensor-Activated Premium Water Bottle Refilling Station to your specific requirements.

Hygiene Features

Silver-ion Antimicrobial Bottle Refill Protection

Optional Filter

Real Drain System

Touchless, Sensor Activation

WaterMarkâ„¢ Certified

Product Features

Automatic Filter Status Reset

Green Tickerâ„¢

Visual Filter Monitor

Electronic Bottle Filler Sensor Activation

Glass and Stainless-steel Finish

Configure yourElkay EZH2O LivPro

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Water Filter

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