Experience the Magic: Aboriginal Art Comes to Civiq Water Stations

Luke Penrith, an Aboriginal artist, collaborates with Civiq to bring art to drinking fountains.

Aboriginal Artist, Luke Penrith

Adding Aboriginal Art to Water Stations: A Beautiful Blend

Have you ever considered adding Aboriginal art to water bottle refill stations or drinking fountains? Water holds immense significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It’s deeply connected to their culture, survival, and sustainable water management, guided by Lore (Law). Luke Penrith, an Aboriginal artist, has partnered with Civiq. He created three stunning Aboriginal art designs for Aquafil hydration stations.

The Beauty of Aboriginal Art: From Galleries to Public Spaces

Aboriginal art is not confined to galleries; it belongs in public spaces too. It reflects the rich cultural expression of the world’s oldest surviving culture. It serves as a medium for preserving heritage, transmitting culture, and promoting well-being.

Meet Luke Penrith: A Proud Aboriginal Artist

Luke Penrith, a passionate and proud Aboriginal artist, belongs to the Wiradjuri, Wotjobaluk, Yuin, and Gumbaynggirr Nations. He currently resides and works on Wiradjuri Country in Central NSW, which is his great-grandmother’s Country.

Luke Penrith, Aboriginal Artist

Contemporary Aboriginal Art for Hydration Stations

Luke Penrith’s artwork has a modern and contemporary style. He paints on canvas. Then transfers his designs to various mediums, such as home décor and sports-active wear. Now, his art graces drinking water stations too. Luke believes in the freedom of artistic expression and adapts his style to bring each unique idea to life.

Celebrate Aboriginal Art: Schools, Councils, and Projects

Civiq is thrilled to offer schools, councils, water authorities, and architects the opportunity to feature authentic Aboriginal artwork on their new drinking water stations. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate Aboriginal art, heritage, and culture.

Luke Penrith’s Exclusive Collaboration: “Connections and Journeys”

Luke Penrith’s collaboration with Civiq is titled “Connections and Journeys.” Each artwork represents the connection and healing with Country. Let’s explore the story behind each piece.

Plains & Fresh Water Aboriginal Art (Earth Colours)

This brown artwork symbolizes the Fresh Water people living in inland communities. It depicts their special bond with rivers, creeks, swamps, and water holes. They rely on freshwater for drinking, fishing, and gathering food. Waterways hold significance for their ceremonies and gatherings in the bush.

Aquafil Hydrobank School drinking trough with brown aboriginal art template.

Saltwater & The Coastline Aboriginal Art (Blue Colours)

The blue artwork represents the Saltwater people living along the coastline and their waterways. For thousands of years, they have relied on the coast for food, fishing, and gathering resources. This painting tells the story of their journeys up and down the coast.

Aquafil Hydrobank School drinking trough with blue aboriginal art template.

Hills & Valleys Aboriginal Art (Green Colours)

The green artwork represents the Mountain people residing in hills and valleys across the country. They have a special connection to their land, maintaining a deep bond with their ancestral country. The artwork pays respect to the animals that inhabit the high country.

Aquafil Hydrobank School drinking trough with green aboriginal art template.

Choosing Aboriginal Art for Your Water Station

If you’re considering adding Aboriginal art to your water station, Civiq’s team of experts is here to assist you. They can help you select the perfect water station that reflects your community’s spirit.

Aquafil Bold Drinking Water Stations with Green, blue and brown aboriginal art.

The Versatile Aboriginal Art: Which Way is Up?

Luke Penrith’s Aboriginal art is incredibly versatile. There is no right or wrong way to hold it. His art can be displayed in any orientation you prefer. Luke embraces the uniqueness of his art and wants to see as many units out in the public as possible.

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