Civiq’s Aquafil Range Gains Australian Made Status

  • Civiq has gained the official Australian Made status for  the Aquafil drinking fountain range of products
  • The Australian Made logo is a well-known and trusted country of origin certification.
  • When you see this logo on a product, you can trust that it is authentically Australian.
Aquafil by Civiq, Australian Made drinking water fountain shown placed ona beach south of Sydney A mum lifts her child in the airm and the dog plays.

Australian Made Fountains: Made For You

Civiq is proud to announce it has just received approval for the coveted Certified Australian Made status for the Aquafil drinking fountain range of products.

Are you looking to upgrade your drinking water infrastructure? You can now work with Civiq to select Certified Australian Made products for your community

Aquafil by Civiq: Australian Made and Owned Drinking Water Products

Buying quality Australian products supports the Australian economy and workers. And, the best news is that it just got easier. Civiq’s Aquafil range of drinking water products has gained Certified Australian Made status.

Civiq is an Australian family-owned business. You probably know us from our Aquafil range of products. These outdoor and indoor drinking fountains are designed and manufactured in Sydney, using locally sourced materials.

Civiq Staff working on Aquafil Drinking Fountain Products on Civiq Warehouse

Drinking water stations, certified and manufactured in Australia

Drinking water fountains and water bottle refill stations are great for the environment. These products encourage people to reuse and refill – and enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Communities can be confident that with Aquafil, they’re using safe, high-quality products. Drinking water stations that have been independently certified and manufactured in Australia.

The benefits of buying Australian Made Fountains

Buying Australian Made supports the local economy and workers. And when you specify Aquafil you know you’re getting quality and robust products.

Aquafil drinking water fountains are designed specifically to endure Australia’s harsh climate. This includes coastal regions, hot climates and frost.

Local manufacturing also means you are working with local supply. This in turn ensures timely delivery of your products.

Children playing around an Aquafil by Civiq, an Australian Made Drinking Water Fountain

What does it mean to be Australian Made?

Australian Made is a registered trademark. It can only be used if a company’s products have been approved by the Australian Made Campain Limited.

Companies looking to gain Australian Made Status undergo a rigorous process. This process ensures only those that produce authentically Australian products gain the status. 

Where are Aquafil by Civiq drinking water fountains and bottle refill stations made?

Civiq was established in 1990 with the vision of providing healthy and accessible drinking water solutions. This includes schools, urban parks and transport hubs. Aquafil by Civiq drinking water fountains are all made in Australia. The factory is located in Silverwater, NSW.

Civiq Staff working on an Aquafil Artwork Template

Why should I care about buying Australian Made?

  • Australian made products are safe, of high quality and support the local economy.
  • Australian Made is a registered trademark. It can only be used if a company’s products have been approved by Australian Made.

How do I spot an Australian Made product?

Are you keen to support the Australian economy and workers? Buy Australian Made! You can identify an Australian Made product by looking for the logo. You can also check for their registration on the Australia Made website.

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