From Thirst to Wonder;  ‘Butterflies’ Dance on Drinking Fountains

Drinking Fountain Art by Aboriginal Artist Luke Penrith: ‘Butterflies’

Forget boring old water fountains! Splash into a vibrant world of buzzing murals and swirling water stories with Aboriginal Artist Luke Penrith.

Think butterflies waltzing with wildflowers, water whispering secrets to roots, and ancient wisdom splashed across your school day. Luke’s art isn’t just pretty, it’s a dance party for your senses and a wake-up call for your soul. He wants us to ditch the plastic bottles, embrace healthy habits, and see water as the lifeblood of everything cool (including us!).

Students refilling their water bottles at an Aquafil Hydrobank featuring butterflies Aboriginal art by Luke Penrith.

Following the success of our earlier collaboration with Wiradjuri Artist Luke Penrith, Civiq is proud to announce a new release. Discover fresh designs, each with their own story and meaning.

About Aboriginal Artist Luke Penrith

Luke Penrith is a passionate and proud Aboriginal artist. He belongs to the Wiradjuri, Wotjobaluk, Yuin, and Gumbaynggirr Nations. He currently resides and works on Wiradjuri Country in Central NSW.

Water holds immense significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It’s deeply connected to their culture, survival, and sustainable water management, guided by Lore (Law). Students, teachers, parents, and carers love Penrith’s artwork. It’s beautiful, even more so because of the narrative woven through swirling lines and vivid colours.

Students happily chatting at a school playground near an Aquafil Drinking Water Station adorned with vibrant butterflies Aboriginal art by Luke Penrith.

About the Artwork “Butterflies”

  • Native Butterflies as Vital Pollinators: Native butterflies are vital pollinators. They play a crucial role in transferring pollen between flowers. This supports the health of our ecosystem.
  • Blooms, Symbols, and Water’s Role in Life: The butterflies visit the flowers. Adorned with native symbols, flora and fauna narrate a story of life sustained by water. Reminding us of the essential connection between water and diverse forms of life.
  • Reflect, Appreciate, and Protect Water: This art prompts reflection on your relationship with water. Appreciate the connection between butterflies, blooms, and culture. Consider how you can preserve resources for a sustainable future.

Penrith’s passion for inspiring a brighter future

As an Aboriginal artist, Luke Penrith is passionate about sharing his culture and values with the wider community. He sees his collaboration with Civiq as an opportunity to educate and inspire young and old.

“I hope these artworks encourage students to embrace healthy habits and make sustainable choices. Plus appreciate the beauty and importance of water. It’s about building a connection to our environment and understanding our role in protecting it.” – Luke Penrith

Student refilling a water bottle at an Aquafil Hydrobank adorned with vibrant butterflies Aboriginal art by Luke Penrith.

“We’re honoured to partner with Luke Penrith on this project. His artwork beautifully embodies sustainability, community, and well-being. We believe ‘Butterflies’ encourages young and old to stay hydrated, inspires people to connect with their environment and celebrate cultural diversity.” – Evelyn Prooper, Marketing Manager at Civiq.

Civiq: Committed to hydration, community, and sustainability

Civiq shares Penrith’s vision for a healthier and more sustainable future. With our range of drinking water stations, we provide accessible and environmentally conscious hydration solutions. At the same time, Civiq supports cultural understanding and community engagement.

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