Win A CBP Grant To Install Drinking Water Stations At Your School

A great opportunity for schools to win a grant.

Schools all over NSW are buzzing with excitement. What’s happening? The Community Building Partnership 2023 round (CBP) Grant Program is open. And it is an excellent opportunity for schools to improve their facilities and infrastructure.

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Upgrade outdated infrastructure with a school grant.

In many Australian schools, the drinking water infrastructure is outdated and in poor condition. This means students cannot easily access clean, fresh drinking water. And this negatively impacts their health and well-being. Additionally, many schools do not have enough drinking water fountains on campus. This often leads to long queues and students not getting enough time to drink enough water during the day.

How do school fountains meet the CBP grant criteria?

This post will review each criterion and explain how drinking water stations meet the grant guidelines.


Describe how your project will enhance facilities for the local community.

Drinking water stations give students easy access to clean, fresh drinking water. This improves student health and well-being and improves academic performance. The current infrastructure is outdated and in poor condition. It does not offer options to refill a bottle, and students do not like using them. Students drink more water when they can refill a bottle.

Describe how your project will meet community needs and increase community participation.

Drinking water stations are a powerful tool for communities that want to reduce plastic waste. But an outdated fountain is often avoided. People do not like drinking from them. These older bubblers style fountains do not meet Watermark Certification and are not suitable for use by people with a disability. Upgrading the old fountain will solve this issue for the school and community members. For example, when a community event is hosted on the school grounds.

The new fountains feature artwork. Involve the community in the creation of your custom design, and you’ll create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for students, staff and the wider community.

Describe your organisation’s capacity to deliver the proposed project on time and within scope.

This is where you can provide track records of where you have implemented other projects successfully. You may like to include a risk management plan, promotional strategies, management systems and evaluation methods used.

Describe how your project delivers value for money.

Civiq drinking water stations deliver value for money in many ways, including:

School fountains by Civiq are durable and easy to maintain. This makes them a cost-effective, long-term solution for schools.

Built to last. Australian Made fountains by Civiq are made from durable materials designed to withstand the rigours of a school environment.

Easy to maintain. The school staff can easily clean and maintain the Civiq hydration stations with minimal training. Or work with Civiq and a maintenance professional.

Backed by a comprehensive warranty. We back the quality of our products with the best possible service and extensive warranties.

How Civiq Can Help Your School Win a CBP Grant

Civiq can help your school win a CBP grant by providing you with the following resources and support:

Product information: First, our team provides detailed information about our drinking water stations, including their features, benefits, and specifications.

Project planning: Second, we’ll help you to develop a project plan that meets the CBP grant criteria, and that is tailored to your school’s specific needs.

Budgeting: Next, we create a budget for your project that is realistic and affordable.

School Drinking Fountain Trough

How you can help your school win a CBP grant.

Schools and P&Cs can help provide students with easy access to fresh and clean drinking water by working together.

Here’s how you encourage your school and P&C to get involved:

  • Share information about the benefits of drinking water stations with your school and P&C.
  • Help your school and P&C to develop a project plan and budget.
  • Offer to help your school and P&C with the grant application process.
  • Advocate for the project at school board meetings and other community events.

Want to learn more about how drinking water stations can help your school win a CBP grant? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We would happily discuss your needs and help you develop a project plan that meets your budget and goals.

Develop a project plan that meets your budget and goals.

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