Double Delight: School Fountains with Two or More Bottle Refill Outlets

Quenching Thirst, Doubling Joy: Multi-Outlet Fountains Transform the Hydration Game

Have you noticed the water bottle craze? The latest buzz in school hydration is fountains with not just 1, but 2, 3, or 4 bottle refill outlets! That means you get double, triple or quadruple the hydration happiness in one sleek unit.

Keen to find out more? Join us on a little journey that will leave you wondering… why you waited so long to get these fountains at your school!

Students are lining up refilling their water bottles at an Aquafil Drinking Water Station.
The Pulse Drinking Water Station features a concealed bottle refill outlet on both sides of the station

Double Trouble, Double Thrills: What’s the Scoop?

Picture this: it’s time for recess. Students pour onto the playspaces, empty bottles in hand. They make a run for the fountain, keen to get in first. A pleasant purpose awaits the thirsty students. Turns out that coming second or even third still gets you a podium seat! Instead of 1 bottle refill outlet, they’re met with 2. And you, as their teacher, realise that you’re watching a refreshing hydration party. Refill, refresh, repeat.

The Aquafil Pulse Drinking Water Stations in different artwork templates.
The Aquafil Pulse Drinking Water Stations offer bottle refills on both sides of the station.

Leaving class to get a drink? Forget it!

New school drinking fountains provide more options to refill. And who doesn’t love having easy access to water all day, every day? Refilling a water bottle means your students can rehydrate without leaving the classroom. It’s personalised experience, designed to minimise class disruption. How very convenient!

Students are posing with their water bottles at an Aquafil Pulse Drinking Water Station.
The Aquafil Pulse Drinking Water Station can be fitted with a drinking fountain in addition to the 2 bottle refill outlets.

Hydration Harmony: The Multi-Outlet Connection

Why does Aquafil by Civiq add multiple water bottle refill outlets to their school fountains? Well, when it comes to hydrating young learners, we are on a mission. We want to ensure your students’ hydration journey is seamless.

And students drink more water when we offer more water options to refill. Want to hydrate before a study session, after a game, or during a quick break? The new school fountain has got your back. No waiting in line, no crowding around that one spot… Just a smooth and swift refill process that keeps up with you and your busy school life.

Water bottle refill options make your life easier. And your students’ hydration routine more enjoyable.

Students are refilling and drinking into Aquafil Hydrobank, a school drinking fountain and bottle refilling outlet.
The Aquafil Hydrobank offers 3 bottle refill outlets in addition to 3 drinking fountains.

Hydration Happiness: A Sip of Brilliance

New school fountains are about more than just offering multiple water bottle refill outlets. These hydration stations embrace the diversity of your school community and cater to your unique hydration needs.

With a strong focus on providing water bottle refill options, these drinking water stations raise the bar for accessibility, convenience and choice. And at the same time, they ensure your students stay refreshed and ready to take on the school day.

Students are happily displaying their water bottles.
Students love using their refillable water bottles throughout their school day.

Are you interested in discovering the double delight of hydration?

Raise your bottle to the drinking water stations that double the delight in your hydration journey. Refill, rejuvenate, and stay hydrated your way!

Refill, Recharge, Repeat:

Aquafil Hydrobank, a school drinking fountain and bottle refill outlet in blue aboriginal artwork template
The Aquafil Hydrobank offers 3 bottle refill outlets and 3 drinking fountains in 1 robust station.

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