The Importance of Drinking Fountains for Communities

Drinking water stations are a quick, easy way to stay hydrated.  But did you know that they also play an important part in making our community a hub of activity? Imagine community members looking to socialise and get some fresh air at the same time. I’m sure you agree with what I’m about to say next: Being able to access a drinking fountain at your local park,  means you can enjoy your chosen activities for longer!

Hydration, sustainability, and health

Three critical components of happy communities. Drinking fountains are essential in creating healthy, happy, and sustainable communities. For this reason, public spaces in your community should include plenty of places to access fresh and clean drinking water.

Students raising their drinking water bottles with an Aquafil Drinking Fountain in the background

Drinking fountains are good for your health, and your hip pocket.

Being able to refill your bottle is good for your health, and your hip pocket. Say ‘Goodbye!’ to overpriced single-use plastic water bottles. And, say ‘Hello!’ to some of the best tasting drinking water in the world! Now you are not just looking after your health, you are part of a more sustainable way to stay hydrated. No matter where your day takes you.

Hygienic features in drinking fountains

Making drinking water available in a safe and sanitary manner is more important than ever. Your health and safety is at the heart of everything we do. For example, all Aquafil by Civiq drinking fountains and water refill stations meet a certain safety standard.

Aquafil Drinking Fountain with a push button installed in a public park

WaterMark Certification for drinking fountains

All Aquafil by Civiq products carry the Australian Building Code’s WaterMark. A WaterMark product certification protects community health and safety. A certified product is fit for purpose and authorised for installation by a licensed plumber. It’s also guaranteed to be suitable for use by you, your family and your friends.

Lead-free plumbing

I’m sure you are well aware of the dangers of lead in our drinking water. It is shocking to think that lead may still contaminate drinking water from brass fittings. Hydration products using brass-free parts ensure the drinking water dispersed from fountains is lead-free and safe to drink.

Drinking Fountain Bubbler from an Aquafil Hydrobank School Drinking Trough

Left to right water flow on drinking fountains

The water you drink from an Aquafil by Civiq drinking fountain flows from left to right. This means that there is no risk of contaminated water flowing back into the source. However, in contrast, other bubblers often have the water flowing upwards and then back down. The risk with this flow is that contaminated water can flow back into the water source, making the water less safe and hygienic for you to drink.

External drainage on water stations

Lastly, when you drink from an Aquafil by Civiq bubbler you may notice that water flows away from the point of contact. This means that no residue is left at the user interface. The result is that any chance of a build-up of algae, mildew or mould is eliminated.

These are just some of the hygienic features that we have incorporated into our products. These features are designed to help build healthier, happier communities.

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