Enhance Community Well-being with Hygienic and Sustainable Drinking Water Fountains

As a council planner, public space manager or school leader, you can transform your community. You enhance their lives with essential amenities. When it comes to installing hygienic and sustainable drinking water fountains, you hold the key to making a significant impact. But how do you ensure you make the right choice? It’s all about finding the perfect balance between hygiene, sustainability, and meeting your community’s unique needs.

A beach goer utilising Civiq Aquafil FlexiFountain, a Hygienic and Sustainable Drinking Water Fountain.

Unleash the Potential of Your Community’s Hydration Experience

You unlock a world of possibilities by installing robust, durable, hygienic and sustainable drinking water fountains. For your community’s well-being and the planet. Imagine a future where every sip is refreshing, safe, and sustainable. Here’s how you make it happen:

Hygiene Reigns Supreme

Choose fountains that focus on hygiene without compromise. With smart water flow designs and anti-bacterial properties, you create a safe oasis for everyone to quench their thirst.

Visitors of Clifton Garden utlising the Civiq Aquafil Drinking Water Station

Sustainable Solutions

Embrace the power of sustainability. Fountains not only provide clean water. They also minimise environmental impact by reducing single-use plastic waste.

Tailored to Your Community

Every community has unique needs. Discover the fountains that perfectly align with your community’s style, preferences, and usage patterns. Let your community’s identity shine through their hydration experience.

Visitors of Clifton Gardens refilling her water bottle at an Aquafil water station, a Hygienic and Sustainable Drinking Water Fountain.

The Power of Convenience

Ensure that accessing clean drinking water is a breeze. From intuitive activation buttons to hands-free options, make hydrating a seamless and enjoyable experience. For every member of your community.

Future-Proof Solutions

Stay one step ahead. Select fountains that incorporate the latest technologies and advancements. This ensures your community can access the best and most innovative features available.

Civiq Aquafil Product, a Hygienic and Sustainable Drinking Water Fountain, installed near the shore.

Transform Your Community, One Sip at a Time

Carefully select the right drinking water fountains. And you have the opportunity to elevate your community’s well-being to new heights. Empower your community members with refreshing hydration, promote sustainability, and create a healthier future together.

Remember, it’s not just about installing fountains—it’s about making a lasting difference. Your mission to improve your community’s well-being starts now. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the true potential of hydration for your community.

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