Elkay Products in Australia: Distributed by Civiq

Quality Assurance Through Authorised Channels

In today’s digital age, purchasing products online is easier than ever. While convenience is undoubtedly a perk, this purchase can expose you to certain risks. This is especially true for products manufactured overseas, like Elkay. Elkay drinking water stations are distributed all over the world.

Elkay is an American brand and in Australia, their drinking fountains and bottle refill stations can only be sold by an Authorised Distributor.

In this article, we shed light on the dangers associated with purchasing Elkay products from unauthorised sellers.

A student of Aldinga Payinthi College refilling her water bottle on an Elkay Wall Mounted Drinking Water Station

Authorised Australian Distributor of Elkay products: Civiq

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that Civiq is the only authorised distributor of Elkay products in Australia.

Only Civiq and its trusted partners are authorised to sell Elkay products in the Australian market. Civiq ensures that Elkay products purchased for Australian businesses are suitable for installation in Australia.

Unfortunately, other companies advertise Elkay products to Australian consumers. Those companies use the Elkay brand name in their ads or web pages. This can be confusing, and it could lead you to a page that does not in fact, offer genuine Elkay products, or products suitable for the Australian market.

Elkay Drinking Water Stations installed in Aquatic Centre

Q: What are the dangers of purchasing drinking water stations from companies that pose as Australian but are not?

A: Purchasing drinking water stations from counterfeit companies posing as Australian entities can pose several risks:

Unsafe Water Quality:

Counterfeit water stations may not adhere to Australian water quality standards, like WaterMark certification. WaterMark certification ensures water from the drinking fountain is lead-free and safe to drink.

Product is Illegal to install:

When a drinking water product does not carry the Watermark Certification, it’s illegal for a plumber to install it.

Product is Not Fit For Purpose:

Overseas countries and the USA in particular, have different fixtures, fittings, and electrical requirements. Buying from the Authorised distributor in Australia ensures that the Elkay products you purchase are designed and adapted for the Australian market.

Lack of Warranty and Support:

These companies may not honour warranties or provide adequate customer support, leaving consumers with faulty equipment and no recourse for repair or replacement.

Elkay indoor drinking fountain and Water Bottle Refill Station installed in a public library

Q: How can I spot a counterfeit company posing as an Australian business?

A: To identify misleading companies, you can take the following steps:

Verify ABN (Australian Business Number):

Check if the company has a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) by searching the Australian Business Register (ABR) website.

Check for Physical Presence:

Look for a physical address and contact details on the company’s website. Counterfeit companies often lack a physical presence, use generic contact information or list a virtual office address.

Research the Company’s History:

Look at the company’s history, founding date and track record. Legitimate Australian companies usually have well-documented backgrounds.

Read Customer Reviews:

Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the company’s reputation. Be cautious of overly positive reviews without any critical feedback.

Seek Recommendations:

Consult with friends, family, or colleagues who have purchased similar products from established Australian companies for recommendations.

Request Documentation:

Ask the company for supporting documentation, such as tax invoices, certificates, and accreditation, to confirm its authenticity.

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