The Epic Showdown: Healthy Hydration vs. Devious Drinks!

School children happily hydrating and refilling their water bottles at the new school bubbler featuring an updated artwork template, promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Ah, the battle of beverages!

Teachers work hard to foster healthy habits. They know how important it is to fight plastic waste. And choose water over sugary beverages.

Deceptive Drinks: A Sneaky Ambush

But evil drinks hide, waiting to pounce with sneaky tactics. These drinks use flashy colours and fancy words to mesmerise our kids.

Joyful school children stay hydrated by drinking from and refilling their water bottles at the vibrant Aquafil Hydrobank, a school bubbler adorned with an updated colorful artwork template, promoting health and sustainability.

A Dismal Sight: The Sorry State of Outdated Drinking Fountains

Outdated drinking fountains have the appeal of a soggy sandwich. Left in a backpack for a week. Nobody wants a taste.

Time for a Twist of Fate: The Fountain’s Superhero Transformation

Imagine your school’s drinking fountain as a superhero. A power source, full of energy, set to bestow supercharged hydration upon students. And their teachers!

Modernisation – The Refill Revolution Starts Here

It’s time to ditch worn-out drinking fountains. Create an environment where health and sustainability are exciting. Breathe life into the old bubbler with bottle refill options, vibrant art and enticing designs.

Captivating Designs: Give Drinking Fountains the Same Allure Commercial Brands Use

Commercial brands make their drinks irresistible with captivating designs. Schools should do the same with drinking fountains. Use the power of captivating designs and unleash creativity with splashes of colours, graphics, and art.

Aboriginal Artwork Template in colour green from Aquafil by Civiq

Fueling Inspiration: The Rise of Fresh, Fun, and Clean Fountains!

Seek inspiration from your school’s colours, logo, and values. Consider embracing Aboriginal Art or giving students a chance to express their creativity. Why not spread sustainability, inclusivity, or anti-bullying messages to inspire and uplift all?

Embrace the Metamorphosis: The Birth of Heroic Hydration

Now, celebrate drinking fountains – once mere necessities, now transformed into heroic powerhouses. Embrace the exciting saga of healthy hydration, where each sip unleashes boundless energy and empowers the entire school community.

School children with smiles on their faces as they stay hydrated at the newly installed school bubbler, adorned with an updated artwork template that encourages a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Are you ready to reclaim health and protect the environment with fresh, fun, clean fountains?

Watch those unhealthy drinks tremble.

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