Charging Ahead: Create a Refreshing EV Experience with Water Refill Stations

Convenient and Sustainable:

Electric vehicles (EVs) are popular among the growing group of environmentally conscious drivers. As a result, the focus on amenities at EV fast charging stations is expanding. This article discusses why adding a water bottle refill station at public EV charging points is essential. In particular to address convenience and sustainable needs.

The Evolving Landscape

EV charging stations were often an afterthought, inconveniently placed at petrol stations. Some are even tucked away in shopping centre car parks. The adoption of EVs is now increasing. This means there’s a growing demand for accessible and well-equipped charging infrastructure. Because of this, charging stations should offer comprehensive solutions. And cater to diverse needs.

The Value of Shade and More

For starters, there is often a lack of shade and basic amenities at outdoor EV charging bays. Waiting for your car the charge, standing in the hot Australian sun is no fun for EV drivers. Companies like Ampol recognise the need for shade. So they provide multiple charging bays with substantial shade. Rooftop solar panels provide shade and contribute to powering the EV chargers.

But it’s gets better. Ampol goes beyond shade. The EV charging station company enhances customer comfort by including additional features. These features include bins, water stations, and window-cleaning tools. These are the small details that improve the overall charging experience.

The Missing Piece: Water Refill Stations:

This commitment to customer satisfaction misses an essential element. Often overlooked is the need to add water bottle refill stations. Access to fresh and clean drinking water is a fundamental need. Water refill stations at EV charging stations complement the existing amenities. They promote hydration and well-being among EV users and reduce single-use plastic waste.

Why Water Matters:

  1. Hydration on the Go: Waiting for your EV to charge? Grab a drink! Water refill stations provide a quick and easy way for drivers to stay hydrated. Ensure drivers stay refreshed and ready to continue their journey.
  2. Reduce Single-Use Plastic: Encourage reusable bottles through accessible water refill stations and contribute to the global effort to reduce single-use plastic waste. Meet your sustainability goals!
  3. Enhance the Charging Experience: EV charging stations are no longer just about power. They’re hubs where drivers recharge and refresh. This makes the charging experience more enjoyable and convenient.


In the dynamic landscape of EV charging infrastructure, councils and local government urban planners have a unique opportunity. They can create spaces beyond mere functionality with easy access to fresh and clean drinking water. Including water bottle refill stations alongside EV charging points will do more than meet the needs of drivers. You’ll also meet the expectations of a green and thoughtful community. Embrace sustainable practices. Cater to the diverse needs of the community. And turn EV charging stations into vibrant, user-friendly hubs.

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