FlexiFountain: The Superior Choice for Accessible Infrastructure

Aquafil FlexiFountain: dda compliant drinking fountains by Civiq, serving individuals with diverse disabilities for an accessible experience.

DDA Standards and Wheelchair User Needs:

In today’s world, inclusivity and accessibility are no longer mere suggestions but essential considerations for any public space. Providing equal access to resources like clean drinking water is paramount. Are you interested in learning more about the features of a DDA compliant drinking fountain?

Key Features that make the FlexiFountain wheelchair friendly:

The FlexiFountain is the pinnacle of inclusivity and accessibility and when you want to specify a wheelchair-friendly drinking fountain. In fact, this innovative design goes beyond the basic requirements of the DDA standard. The drinking water station delivers a truly user-friendly experience and meets the needs of the majority of wheelchair users.

A person in a wheelchair uses a drinking water fountain that meets AS1428.2:1992 DDA disability standards.

Parallel Approach:

The requirements of drinking fountains in AS1428.2 are based upon an outdated ‘front on approach’. The FlexiFountain provides a more comfortable way to access the fountain. Unlike traditional “front-on” fountains, the FlexiFountain allows users to approach from either side. In turn, this provides a better user experience and accommodates both left-handed and right-handed individuals.

Fountain Basin Height Optimisation:

The DDA standard recommends a basin height of 700mm. However, the DDA consultant reports that user experience suggests the Flexifountain‘s 810-820mm height is more appropriate. “

“A height clearance of 640 to 650mm beneath the unit will preclude some wheelchair users. An increased height clearance is now recommended for this and similar fixtures.”

With this recommended higher basin, the FlexiFountain provides easy access to those in wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs, and people with limited mobility who may struggle with a low fountain.

A person using a mobility aid or walking frame uses drinking water fountain that meets AS1428.2:1992 DDA disability standards.

“Compliance with all the requirements of AS1428.2:1992 is not considered appropriate now. The FlexiFountain addresses the height clearance and height to offset deficiencies of AS1428.2”

Clearance for Wheelchairs Under Drinking Fountain Basin :

The ample space beneath the drinking fountain ensures easy moving and access for wheelchair users and people using mobility aids.

Universal Controls Meets DDA Compliance:

The single, centrally located push-button control to activate the drinking fountain requires minimal operating force.  Hence, the button to operate the fountain is accessible for people with varying abilities and DDA compliant.

A Drinking Fountain That Goes Beyond Compliance:

The FlexiFountain goes beyond simply meeting the DDA requirements. It demonstrates a commitment to user-centered design. And considers the needs and preferences of all users, including:

  • Increased Comfort: The parallel approach and optimised height offer a more comfortable drinking experience for everyone.
  • Improved Hygiene: The design minimises spills and promotes hygienic practices.
  • Aesthetics: The sleek and modern design with custom art looks great in any environment.
individuals with diverse disabilities use  drinking water fountains that meet AS1428.2:1992 DDA disability standards

Compliance with DDA standards:

The Flexifountain 1500BF exceeds accessibility requirements and is compliant with water bottle refill regulations.

  • Promotes inclusivity: Creates welcoming and accessible spaces for all members of the community.
  • Encourages hydration: Provides easy access to clean drinking water, and promotes healthy habits.
  • Reduces maintenance: Durable and vandal-resistant design means less maintenance costs.
A render image of a man in a wheelchair using Aquafil, a dda compliant drinking fountain, ensuring inclusive and convenient hydration.

Australian Standard for Wheelchair Access: Conclusion

The FlexiFountain is an excellent choice for architects and council planners. And anyone seeking to create truly accessible and inclusive environments. Its innovative design, user-friendly features, and bottle refill compliance with DDA compliant standards make it the ideal solution for public spaces of all kinds.

Choose the FlexiFountain, and build a more inclusive and welcoming community for everyone.

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