Thirst for Fountain Funding? Tips to Ace Your SmartyGrants Application

Smarty Up Your School’s Chances to Win

Ever dreamt of sparkling new drinking fountains gracing your school campus? Grant funding from SmartyGrants can turn that dream into reality. But with so many educators applying for funding, how do you make yours the one that gets chosen? Keep reading to discover tips for a successful SmartyGrants application.

Teacher and student from Cronulla Public School responsibly refilling their water bottles at an Aquafil Solo Drinking Water Station.

Are You Eligible for a Grant? Check Your Match

Before you invest time and resources to craft your masterpiece, stop. Take a moment to ensure your school qualifies for SmartyGrants funding. Many platforms target specific educational needs. A quick check of their eligibility criteria will confirm if your school is a match. And your school drinking fountain project aligns with their mission.

Smarty Inspiration: See Who’s Been Successful

One of the best ways to understand what makes a winning application is to learn from the winners. Look for past SmartyGrants recipients. People who have secured funding for similar school improvement projects. Particularly those involving water fountains. See how they presented their ideas and the impact they highlighted.

Be Realistic: Right-Size Your Funding Request

While it’s tempting to ask for the maximum grant amount, this is not be a smart move.  Apply for a realistic figure and showcase responsible planning. Focus on the specific costs associated with your drinking fountain project. Demonstrate value for money and how you’ll effectively utilise the awarded funds.

Show You’re Invested: Have Some Skin in the Game

Grants are meant to provide that extra boost, not the entire solution. Highlight any fundraising efforts your school has undertaken or in-kind contributions from the community. Show that you have ‘skin in the game’. This demonstrates your commitment to the project. And your ability to leverage resources effectively.

Students from Cronulla Public carrying water bottle with Aquafil Hydrobank School Drinking Trough

Word Count Matters: Keep Your Grant Application Clear and Concise

Each section of your application likely has a word limit. Respect those limits and craft a clear and impactful message.  Avoid unnecessary fluff. Focus on the key details that demonstrate the need for new drinking fountains and the positive impact they’ll have on your students.

Polish It Up: Craft Offline, Submit Online

Don’t risk technical glitches within the SmartyGrants platform. Use a familiar tool like Google Docs to write and refine your application. Once it’s polished to perfection, seamlessly transfer it to the platform for submission.

Follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a winning SmartyGrants application for your school’s drinking fountain. Remember, a well-prepared application that showcases the project’s potential and your school’s dedication is key. It’s how you increase your chances of securing that crucial funding.

Kick off your project today and request a quote to include in your SmartyGrants budget.

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