Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3 Community Fund: A Perfect Fit for Drinking Water Stations

Local community groups, sporting organisations and not-for-profits can apply

The Community Benefit Fund associated with Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3 launches on 29th January. This grant offers an exciting opportunity. Are you part of a local community group, sporting organisation or not-for-profit entity? Then you’re invited to apply for funding up to $3000. The $30,000 fund supports grassroots initiatives along the project alignment. From Broadbeach south to Burleigh.  This is your chance to access funds for a drinking fountain in your community.

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Drinking Water Stations are an Ideal Fit

When you apply for the Community Fund, it’s important to look at projects that align with the fund’s objectives. Drinking water stations are an ideal fit. Drinking fountains address the key criteria set by the fund. Here’s why:

Positive and Lasting Benefits to the Gold Coast Community

Drinking water stations promote hydration, health, and accessibility to clean water. This provides a lasting benefit to residents and visitors alike.

Enhanced Community Operations

Drinking water stations are an infrastructure improvement that enhances community operations. The fountains serve as community gathering points, fostering social inclusion. They also promote a sense of community by providing a space for people of all ages and backgrounds to meet, socialise, and engage in discussions while staying refreshed.

Sustainability Encouraged and Promoted

Encouraging the use of refillable water bottles at stations helps reduce reliance on single-use plastic bottles. This aligns with sustainability goals by minimising plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

A young girl holding her water bottle while standing next to the Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain and Water Bottle Refilling Station installed at a park, promoting eco-friendly hydration for park visitors.

Application Process

Organisations applying for the Community Fund can do so from January 29, 2024, until March 1, 2024. The Bendigo-Adelaide Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation is distributes the funds.

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