Safe School Fountains: Hydrobank HDPE Panels

Civiq School Fountain Fun: Dive into the World of HDPE Panels!

Are you ready to discover more about the dazzling transformation of school fountains? Introducing HDPE panels – a colourful, safe, and vibrant addition. And a game changer! Enjoy safer sips and endless fun with Aquafil Hydrobank.

Cronulla Public School Hydrobank Drinking Fountain with yellow HDPE side panels
The yellow HDPE end panel on the school drinking trough reflects the school colours and complements the school wall mural.

Brighten Your Space – 9 Color Options

HDPE panels serve several practical purposes. Applied to the sides of an otherwise stainless steel drinking trough, they enhance the overall safety and aesthetics of the school play area.

When you use UV-stabilized HDPE panels for the water trough at your school, you ensure a colourful and durable alternative. A solution that’s built to last, even when exposed to the sun.

Mix or match – Let your school personality shine through

Customise your Hydrobank with a burst of colour. You can choose from 9 popular shades: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Charcoal, or Black. What a wonderful way to let your school’s personality shine through.

Safety Heroes – Protecting Every Sip

HDPE panels are like protective shields, banishing sharp edges and pinching worries. Kids can drink without a care, as these panels help keep them safe while they hydrate.

Splashes of Fun – Colourful and Captivating

Another option is to complement or contrast your school fountain art. HDPE panels come in a rainbow of colours, making every sip an adventure. Are you getting excited to see your fountain become a hub of excitement?

Weather Warriors – Defying the Elements

Rain, hail or shine, your school fountain stands strong. HDPE panels are tough cookies, and stand up to the harshest weather. No fading, no worries – just a durable and dazzling display.

Graffiti Guardian – Cleanliness Always!

Kids being kids? No problem! If someone gets creative with markers, HDPE panels are ready for a quick cleanup. Say goodbye to graffiti, and hello to a pristine playground and drinking trough.

Easy-Breezy Maintenance – More Play, Less Work

HDPE panels are the low-maintenance heroes your school needs. No painting, no fuss – just vibrant panels that stay strong, rain or shine. More playtime, less worry.

Time-Tested Magic – Lasting Delight

With super-strong HDPE panels, your school fountain becomes a timeless wonder. Even the busiest school days won’t wear these panels down. It’s a lasting, safe, and delightfully refreshing journey.

Ready to create a school oasis that’s as safe as it is vibrant? Dive deeper into the Aquafil Hydrobank world with HDPE panels and revolutionise your school’s drinking water experience.

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