Healthy Harold & Water 4 Life Challenge

Join The Water 4 Life Healthy Harold Challenge

Staying hydrated is so important. Drinking enough water improves children’s health and well-being. For this reason, Healthy Harold joins water superheroes Misty and Hydro in the Water 4 Life Challenge.

Joining the Water 4 Life Challenge means big rewards for students and their bodies. What’s more, it also means big rewards for their school.

Aquafil by Civiq is the major sponsor of this state-wide, year-round event. The team at Aquafil by Civiq invite schools, students, parents and carers to join the Water 4 Life Challenge. Joining will benefit your health and happiness. And, great prizes are up for grabs.

In this post, you’ll find out how easy it is to join, how good water is for your body, and what prizes you can win.

Aquafil and Healthy Harold Water Challenge

Life Ed NSW: The state’s largest provider of preventative health & wellbeing education to school children.

With the help of its iconic mascot Healthy Harold the giraffe, Life Ed has been empowering children and young people to make safer and healthier choices for more than 40 years. They work in more than 2,000 schools and early learning centres across NSW and ACT. On average, 280,000 school children participate in the Life Ed program each year.

Their 60 specially trained educators deliver engaging and impact lessons via 44 mobile learning centres, pop-up classrooms, and via virtual and online lessons.

The benefits that you and your body get from drinking water are amazing. It improves your mood, relieves fatigue, and helps with digestion. Water also helps regulate your body temperature and treats headaches. And to top it off,  water promotes healthy skin and helps get rid of bad breath.

Did you know? Water has amazing benefits.

water 4 life healthy harold Amazing Benefits of Water

Aquafil by Civiq is the major sponsor of the Water 4 Life Challenge

The Water 4 Life Challenge is a fun way to engage students in the health benefits of drinking water. It encourages them to continue maintaining these healthy habits. New habits that span beyond the life of the challenge.

Your school could win an educators’ favourite drinking water station – the Aquafil Pulse.

Aquafil by Civiq is the leading manufacturer of drinking water stations for schools. Schools love the stations combining a fountain with bottle refill points. Custom artwork is what makes them a stand-out feature on campus.

Schools in particular love the Aquafil by Civiq Pulse product. It’s compact, easy to install and maintain. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity to display custom graphics. The graphic panels are ideal to display school colours or educational messages.

Funds raised by Water 4 Life Challenge to benefit students in New South Wales

All funds raised will support the vital work of Life Ed NSW/ACT. Travelling to schools in all corners of the state they teach students the important life-skills needed to look after their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

Best of all, the first $15 raised by students goes towards a free Life Ed lesson at their school.

All the money you raise as part of Water 4 Life goes directly to the incredible work Life Ed delivers to schools. Your fundraising makes their mission to help every child thrive possible.

water 4 life healthy harold challenge campaign poster

“Join the Water4Life Challenge and get fantastic rewards for you, your body and your school! Health benefits include – feeling more energetic, relieving headaches, glowing skin to name a few and you can win an amazing prize such as a movie ticket, backpack, gift vouchers..the list goes on.” – HYDRO, SUPERHERO

How To Get Involved in the Water 4 Life Challenge

Water 4 Life can fit anywhere in your school’s schedule. The challenge runs for 2 weeks. It includes epic rewards for students. The highest fundraising school wins a major prize – the Aquafil by Civiq Pulse Drinking Water Station.

At the end of the challenge, students receive a prize for the level they’ve unlocked.

Access to annual life education programs

Every child deserves the opportunity to participate in the Life Ed program during their school years. The Life Ed program empowers students to develop the skills, values and attitudes that enable them to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, and make informed decisions. By taking the Water 4 Life Challenge you are helping students receive a crucial preventative health and wellbeing education with Life Ed.

Events and awards for Healthy Harold

Find out how drinking water has big rewards. Take the Water 4 Life Challenge

Be a water superhero. Take the Water 4 Life Challenge for two weeks and find out how drinking water can have big rewards for students, their bodies, and their school.

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