Want Happy, Hydrated Students!?

Imagine this: it’s a hot school day, and your classroom is a sea of tired faces. Papers rustle, and concentration wanes. All because your students avoid the old-school drinking trough like the plague. 

Swap Your Old Trough for the Magnificent Hydrobank

Today’s academic environment is fast-paced.  Easy access to clean, refreshing drinking water is more important than ever. Especially for your students. A simple old-school drinking trough just doesn’t cut it. Not anymore. Students crave hydration stations that are more than just functional. They need drinking fountains that are genuinely enjoyable to use. It’s time to launch your school into the 21st century.

Built for Chaos, Made for Champions

Let’s be real, traditional water fountains are about as exciting as watching paint dry. Many hydration solutions settle for a basic, functional approach. The Hydrobank changes the game.

The brilliant details that set the Hydrobank apart

Designed with the student experience in mind, it’s been a hit since 2017. It simply makes getting a drink appealing and fun. Students actually look forward to using it.

Cool Art: Personalised for Your School

Yes. You can have a drinking water station that’s eye-catching and draws students in. Choose from Authentic Aboriginal Art, use pre-designed templates and add your school logo and values. Or, design your own!  

Student Centric Design: Hassle-Free, Safe Hydration

The secret lies in the Hydrobank’s thoughtful, ergonomic design. For example, the strategically placed refill shelf allows for seamless one-handed bottle filling. No need to juggle your water bottle to get it under the spout. Buttons are placed at the front. This discourages students from touching the spout. Voila – hygienic refills made easy. They may seem like small details, but they make a world of difference. It creates a positive, safe, and hassle-free hydration experience.

Accessibility: Easy Access to Fresh and Clean Water For All Students

The Hydrobank was engineered with inclusivity in mind. With ample knee and toe clearance, students using wheelchairs access the intuitive controls, refill their bottles and drink with ease. No more reaching and straining – make hydration accessible for every student.

Foster Healthy Hydration Habits At Your School

Beyond the practical benefits, the Hydrobank is engineered to foster healthy hydration habits. It taps into students’ natural curiosity and enthusiasm. This helps transform the mundane task of getting a drink into an engaging, rewarding activity.

Upgrade Your Drinking Water Access

What are you waiting for? Ditch those sad, sorry excuses for water fountains. Take your school’s hydration game to the moon. Invest in a drinking water station that your students will actually get excited about.

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