Reconciliation Week: Feature Aboriginal Art in Your Community

RAP plan: Feature Aboriginal Art in Your Public Spaces

Imagine this: drinking fountains don’t need to be plain Janes. Your community drinking fountain can feature authentic Aboriginal Art. Why not make a new drinking water station in your local park, adorned with an Indigenous design, part of your RAP plan?

The City of Ballarat and Central Highlands Water proudly feature the artwork of Wadawurring Traditional Owner, Billy-Jay O'Toole, on their FlexiFountain, celebrating Indigenous culture and community heritage.
The City of Ballarat and Central Highlands Water showcase the art of proud Wadawurring Traditional Owner, Billy-Jay O’Toole on their FlexiFountain

Honour the Traditional Owners of the Land:

Water is Life. Water is sacred in Aboriginal cultures. Showcase Aboriginal Art on a drinking fountain, and acknowledge their deep connection to this precious resource.

Make Every Sip into a Learning Moment:

Turn the humble drinking fountain into a conversation starter. And spark curiosity about your local Aboriginal people and their stories.

Walk the Reconciliation Talk:

This initiative is a powerful addition to your Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). And it offers the potential to foster partnerships and opportunities with Aboriginal communities.

Team up with Local Talent:

Partner with an Aboriginal artist or art center. Their designs will reflect your area’s unique stories and water connection.

Built to Last, Built to Inspire:

Civiq fountains are made with high-quality, durable materials that withstand the elements. A clear protective anti-graffiti and UV-coating ensures these artworks stand the test of time.

Celebrate Reconciliation Week Together:

Unveil the artwork with a public ceremony. Acknowledge the artist and the significance of this step in your reconciliation journey.

Pave the way for a more reconciled future

Incorporate Aboriginal art on your community drinking fountain. It’s how your council transforms them into landmarks that quench thirst, ignite cultural connection, and pave the way for a more reconciled future. Are you ready to turn these everyday objects into extraordinary opportunities for respect, education, and community pride?

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