Rethink School Fountains and Boost Student Hydration

Beyond Bubblers: Creating a Hydration Station Students Love

Are you ready to battle for student well-being? Let’s start with the school fountain! Hydration is so important for growing bodies. Forget dusty bubblers and lukewarm dribbles. Ditch the “eww zone” and embrace the “wow factor” of bottle refills. The secret weapon to winning the war on dehydration is simple. Make it easy to refill a bottle.

Berala Public School students quenching their thirst and refilling their water bottles using an Aquafil Solo Drinking Water Station, promoting healthy hydration within the school environment.

Students do not like to drink from dinosaurs

Think back to your own school days. Did the water fountain inspire a refreshing sip or a grimace of disgust? Chances are, it did not. Outdated fountains often mean questionable cleanliness and awkward-to-use spouts. All wrapped up in a bland, boring package. Students do not like to drink from these dinosaurs. And that’s a big problem. Not drinking enough water affects their focus, energy levels, and even cognitive function.

The Water Refill Revolution

Enter the water bottle refill revolution. Easy access to refills turns hydration into a convenient, personalised experience. You’ll see instant results. Students will drink more water. Some say it’s a watershed moment. That’s a win for student health and academic performance. And for you.

Teacher and student from Cronulla Public School responsibly refilling their water bottles at an Aquafil Solo Drinking Water Station.

Beyond the Basics: Make Drinking Water Irresistible

Take your fountain upgrade beyond replacing old with new. Create a hydration haven that has ‘cool’ factor. These are the 3 key focus points that take your school fountain from functional to fabulous:

  • Focus on Refill: Less fountain more (re)fills.
  • Cool Art: Bright (school) colours, educational messages, Aboriginal Art, or anything you can think of. You could even hold a student contest to design your school water station art.
  • Durable Stainless Steel: Choose durable products to ensure your water station stands up to the harsh climate and daily use.

Beyond the Fountain: Foster a Culture of Hydration

Transforming your school bubbler is step one. Building a culture of hydration requires a few extra steps. Here are some tips:

  • Lead by Example: Teachers and staff need to model good hydration habits. Carry reusable water bottles and refill them throughout the day.
  • Integrate Hydration into the Curriculum: Discuss the importance of water in health and wellness classes. Incorporate fun water-themed activities into lessons.
  • Partner with Parents: Encourage open communication with parents about the importance of hydration. Share resources and tips for promoting healthy habits at home.
Students raising their drinking water bottles with an Aquafil Drinking Fountain in the background

Building Healthy Habits for Life: One Refillable Bottle at a Time

It’s so important to ensure every student drinks enough water. Healthy habits help them reach their full potential. Make hydration accessible and appealing. Turn those “eww zone” fountains into “wow factor” refillable havens. Are you ready to empower your learners to take charge of their well-being?

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