School Pride Shines Bright: The Basix Template Transforms Drinking Water Stations

It’s time to put the Basix template in the spotlight. This template makes it super easy for your school to create a customised hydration station. A drinking fountain that radiates school pride and identity.

Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Water Station for Schools in Blue Basix Artwork Template

Craft Unity Through Simplicity: Schools Embrace Easy Customisation

Let’s step into a world where your school’s identity takes centre stage. In this world, you discover a simple yet powerful tool. With its tool you’ll easily infuse your school’s unique identity into your campus…

It’s a straightforward yet impactful way to showcase your values, logo, and colours.

Customize Aquafil drinking water stations with different colours for the Basix template.

A Canvas of Potential: Designed with Purpose

Imagine your school campus featuring water stations proudly displaying what your school stands for.

Custom graphics adorning your drinking fountain are about more than aesthetics. Craft a personalised design fountain to foster a sense of belonging and unity. Schools everywhere recognise the opportunity to transform functional hydration stations into artistic expressions. These drinking water stations resonate with students, teachers, and the wider community.

Simply update the copy to reflect your values. And choose a colour to match or complement your school logo.

Aquafil Hydrobank, a school drinking water stations in a custom green, red and blue basix templates.

Customisation at Your Fingertips: Your School, Your Design

Ok, time to get into the nitty-gritty of how this transformation happens. Start with the Basix template – the perfect canvas to turn your vision into reality. Your only job is to provide Civiq your colour, logo, and text. With these elements, your school’s custom drinking fountain and masterpiece is born.

Aquafil Hydrobank, a school drinking fountain and water station in a custom green basix template

Sip, Display, Inspire: Your Identity Unveiled

Now imagine students using your new school custom drinking fountain. As they enjoy easy access to fresh and clean drinking water, they get an experience that resonates with their school pride. Every sip reminds students of your school’s values, logo, and unique character. This, in turn, creates a lasting connection that fosters a sense of unity.

Aquafil Hydrobank, a school drinking fountain and water station in a custom blue basix template

Sip, Unify, Flourish: Celebrate Your School

The Basix template isn’t just about crafting custom hydration fountains. When you embrace the Basix template, you craft a legacy of unity, pride, and identity.

The Basix template celebrates the heart and soul of schools.

Which colour would you choose?

Custom Color Wheel

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