What Drinking Station is Best For My School?

Guide to selecting the best outdoor drinking water solution for your campus 

When you upgrade your school’s outdoor drinking water stations, you invest in the well-being, health, and happiness of your students. With immediate effects. 

Encouraging children to drink more water benefits their health and well-being. As a result, it improves learning outcomes.

Students refilling their water bottle and drinking on an Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed at their school

What should I consider when choosing a hydration station?

Choosing a drinking water station that best suits your school’s needs can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a few things to consider when selecting the perfect station for your campus. We have created this guide to help you select the best outdoor drinking water station for your school.

Easy Access to drinking water  

Play during school recess time offers a break from classroom work and a chance to socialise and be physically active. It is also a chance for children to drink water and rehydrate. Ensure there are enough stations for children to access water during their break, to avoid bottlenecks and children missing out. 

Focus on water bottle refill  

Sending children to school with water is always a clever idea, but disposable water bottles can get expensive! When schools are equipped with water bottle filling stations, students can bring reusable water bottles with them and refill them with fresh, filtered water all day long. 

Installing your hydration station near where children play is a fantastic way to ensure students find time to refill a bottle or drink from a bubbler. If they can quickly quench their thirst without too much interruption, they are more likely to stay hydrated. This makes a location close to the school playground a popular choice. Depending on the size of your campus, providing multiple hydration stations around is ideal.  

students showing their water bottle with Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed on their school in the background

Chilled drinking water solutions 

While studies are being done to determine the effect on how much more water being is consumed by students when a chilled option is on offer, we know what has our vote. Nothing tastes better than chilled water from a drinking fountain on a hot summer’s day. If your school operates during sizzling summer temperatures, installing a chilled water dispensing option will be embraced by students and teachers alike.

Filtered drinking water solutions

Water quality differs widely across Australia. Adding a filter purifies the water, and improves the taste. While most school-aged children are happy to drink water as it comes out of the tap, adding a filter may help cater to even the fussiest of palates

Drinking fountain accessibility 

Make it easy for students to access the drinking water fountain, and they will consume more water during their school day. This includes ensuring access is provided to students with a disability.

Students utilising Aquafil Drinking Water Stations installed on their school grounds
Bottle refill and extra deep fountain basin allow for wheelchair access

Hydration station style

Installing drinking water stations at your school can do more than provide fresh and clean drinking water. Both our free-standing and wall-mounted drinking water stations can be used to display the school colours, communicate sustainability themes, or display positive and encouraging messaging.  

Start a conversation today

We hope this guide to help you select the best drinking water station for your campus has been helpful and that it provided some good insights about what would best suit your school. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to start a conversation about selecting the perfect drinking water station for your school!

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