School Bubbler Upgrade: Step-By-Step Guide

School Bubbler Upgrade to do list

Tired of boring and outdated drinking fountains at your school?

Whether you’re a principal, school administrator, or parent, you all share the same top priority. And that is to ensure your students have access to safe and sustainable drinking water

When you upgrade your school’s drinking fountains, you’ll do more than ‘just’ promote healthy hydration habits. You’ll also reduce your school’s eco-footprint. And you’ll make your campus a more inviting and modern place.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide for when you decide to upgrade your school’s drinking fountains. From setting a budget to evaluating the effectiveness of your upgrade, we’ll step you through the entire process. Let’s get started!

students happily holding their water bottles

Goals: Why Upgrade the School Bubblers?

First, identify the goals of the upgrade, e.g., improved water quality, increased accessibility, and reduced plastic waste. Prevent dehydration-induced tantrums, and a reduced school eco-footprint sound good?

Budget: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Next, determine the available budget and explore funding sources, such as grants, sponsorships, or parent-teacher bake sales. Stretch that dollar!

Users: From Pre-K to Principal – Water for Everyone!

Following this, consider the drinking water needs and preferences of different users, from the tiniest preschooler to the biggest boss, and gather feedback.

Teacher and students refilling their water bottle at their school bubbler with upgraded artwork template

Types: Beyond Boring Bubblers

Next, it’s time to research the types of drinking fountains available, from wall-mounted troughs featuring bubblers and refill options to fancy schmancy free-standing bottle-filling stations and compare features and costs.

Standards: Safe and Sustainable Drinking Water

Check the local and national standards and regulations for drinking water, accessibility, and environmental impact. Naturally, you want to ensure that your water is clean, your fountains are accessible, and your planet is happy!

Installation: Go with the Flow

Plan the installation process of your school drinking water stations, including the timeline, the location, the plumbing, and the maintenance. Get the water flowing in all the right places!

Two students happily holding their water bottle with their newly School Water Bubbler with upgraded artwork templates

Communication: Spread the Word (and Water)

Communicate the benefits of the school bubbler upgrade to the school community and involve them in the decision-making and implementation. Don’t let them get parched for knowledge or water!

Evaluation: Are the Fountains a Hit With Students and Staff?

Finally, evaluate the effectiveness of the school bubbler upgrade in achieving the goals and address any issues or feedback. Cheers to a job well done!

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