School Fountains Fail Students

Want your students to achieve academic success? Fix Your School Fountain.

We all know it: drinking enough water is crucial for good health and focus. Studies show even mild dehydration can zap energy and make it harder to concentrate. Not drinking enough water can even affect mood. Clearly, access to fresh and clean drinking water throughout the school day is vital for academic success. Wouldn’t it make sense for schools to have great drinking water options for their students?

Old drinking fountain at a Victoria school being replaced by the modern Aquafil Hydrobank featuring vibrant blue Aboriginal artwork, symbolizing innovation and improved student hydration.

Surprise! Students Avoid the School Drinking Fountain

Here’s the shocker: despite the clear benefits of hydration, another study reveals bad news for Australian communities. Students avoid the old-school drinking fountain. The research found that a whopping 85% of students reach for bottled water. And 30% of students never used the school fountains at all.

Photo showing students joyfully refilling their water bottles at a school water station called Aquafil Hydrobank, making hydration at school a delightful experience.

Reasons Why Students Avoid the Bubbler

The answer to this problem lies in the fountains themselves. Students reported a number of turn-offs with the existing fountains. This includes concerns about hygiene and taste. Moreover, the often clunky designs of these bubblers make refilling bottles a hassle.  These issues deter students from staying hydrated. And contribute to plastic waste from single-use water bottles.

What Students Need To Drink More Water

The good news: the study also identified solutions! Students overwhelmingly called for clean, refreshing water that meets quality standards. They also requested user-friendly designs that make refilling bottles a breeze. Durable, low-maintenance fountains were another top priority.

Student refilling her water bottle at an Aquafil Hydrobank School Drinking Water Station with new Butterflies Aboriginal Artwork Template
Student refilling her water bottle at an Aquafil Hydrobank School Drinking Water Station with new Butterflies Aboriginal Artwork Template

Upgrade Your Fountains, Boost Students’ Academic Power!

Invest in modern water fountains and address these concerns. By doing that, your school makes a significant impact on student well-being and learning outcomes. Imagine classrooms full of focused, energised students – all thanks to a refreshing upgrade!

Upgraded Drinking Water Stations Benefit Students

Improved hydration: Easy access to clean, appealing water encourages students to drink up, leading to better focus, concentration, and overall health.

Enhanced mood: Dehydration can lead to irritability and fatigue. Proper hydration helps students stay positive and engaged.

Reduced plastic waste: By making refilling water bottles convenient, schools can significantly cut down on single-use plastic bottles, benefiting the environment.

A student replenishes her water bottle at an Aquafil Pulse Drinking Fountain and Water Bottle Refilling Station, featuring captivating new Aboriginal Artwork. Combining functionality with cultural expression in one refreshing moment.

Hydration Supports Academic Success at Your School

It’s time to upgrade the outdated fountains and focus on student hydration. Let’s make sure our schools support academic success. And the well-being of our future generation.

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