Student Hydration: Healthy Habits. Happy Campus

Fostering good hydration habits at school.

Schools play a huge part in fostering healthy habits in children. Ideally, these healthy habits extend beyond the classroom. Habits that benefit students over their lifetime. Fostering good hydration is a key habit in creating healthy, and happy communities.

Showing fostering hydration habits in school, a student refilling her water bottle from Aquafil Hydrobank

School leaders know hydration is important

Most school leaders, teachers, parents and children know how important it is to drink enough water.  Drinking enough water throughout the day is crucial for maintaining good health and wellbeing. Staying hydrated helps improve sleep quality, mood, and cognition. It also helps to regulate body temperature and keep joints lubricated. Staying hydrated also helps deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly.

Students drinking from aquafil pulse, a drinking water station for schools

The challenges schools face when teaching students good hydration habits

Even though most of us know the importance of good hydration, getting children to drink enough water can still be a challenge.  

Their days are busy. There are so many distractions. This ranges from too many students wanting to drink at the same time, to too few points of access. Older style bubblers do not allow for water bottle refilling. And outdated drinking fountains that look anything but refreshing simply do nothing to encourage children to drink more water.  

Aquafil Pulse Drinking Water Station installed near the school playground

Providing easy access to drinking water

The easiest way to get students to drink more water is by providing easy access to drinking water. Provide access to water when they want it. And provide access to water where they want it.

Providing bottle refill points helps students drink water more regularly. By providing them with the option to take water back to class they stay hydrated. Another way to ensure more water is consumed is to provide sufficient access points. It is also beneficial to place water stations in locations where students naturally gather.

Students refilling their water bottles from colour green Aquafil Hydrobank drinking water stations with custom art panel an hydration habits in their schools

Offering chilled and/or filtered drinking water

Also, the taste of water is a crucial factor when we look to encourage healthy habits in students. Research shows that 75% of children would drink more water when chilled and filtered water is offered.

Design adds a splash of fun to drinking water

Another way to encourage students to drink more water is through design. Add a splash of fun through graphic design. Turn your school’s drinking water fountain into an eye-catcher. Apply colourful, meaningful or even inspirational art. Incorporate the school’s colours or mantra. Feature authentic Aboriginal Art. Include wording around sustainability or messages of encouragement.

Aquafil Hydrobank with custom art panel featuring three bottle refill points and three drinking fountains in one water station

Aquafil by Civiq: Preferred supplier of drinking water stations for schools.

Thousands of schools around Australia have chosen Civiq as their preferred supplier of drinking water solutions. Civiq boasts an extensive range of quality contains and water bottle refill stations. Many were developed specifically for schools.

Civiq’s comprehensive range of products offers the opportunity to standardise suppliers and manufacturers.  It means after-sales service, and warranty details are managed with one entity. At the same time, it allows flexibility to choose a product specifically suited to a school’s needs.

Are you looking to upgrade your drinking water facilities at your school? 

More schools choose Aquafil drinking water products by Civiq every day. A collaborative approach, including on-site visits,  is just of the reasons why Civiq is a preferred supplier for people in the education sector.   Other reasons are the robust, durable, and highly personalised products.

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