School Notice Boards and Their Benefits

Australian made school notice boards

School Notice Boards have been widely used across Australian educational campuses for many years. They are proven to be a great tool for communicating messages, leaving friendly reminders and promoting events.

White school notice board that says "Be at school Be a learned Be safe Be respectful" on a brick wall of a school

Civiq offer a range of Australian made Notice Boards and Poster Display Boards. From office and school notice board to community notice boards, all display boards are ultra-robust engineered and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Selected Notice boards can be customised through a range of personalised features to make them STAND OUT!

Notice Boards are often spotted at schools in particular as they assist in keeping students aware and informed of upcoming activities as well as rewarding students by displaying their accomplishments.

Best selling School Notice boards: Flexi Tufflok

Premium harsh-duty lockable notice and poster display boards, which can also be conveniently placed indoors and outdoors. They can be positioned in school corridors, at kiss and drop off zones, school office entrances, street fronts, in the schoolyard and a variety of other locations to keep the school community well-versed.

the premium choice to promote printed messages in public spaces.

The FlexiDisplay TuffLok is Civiq’s most versatile and robust display board product designed to withstand the demanding nature of exposed outdoor and indoor public environments. The display case on both these notice boards features an auto gas-lift operable door for safe access and two key locks for security. Both products feature weather and vandal-resistant features. FlexiDisplay TuffLok is specified across Australia by leading councils and retailers and is the premium choice for businesses and communities seeking to promote their printed messages in public spaces.

Henley Community Garden displaying a free standing community notice board with a public announcement for the Garden Opening hours

Poster display board configuration options:

The TuffLok poster display board can be configured in a range of styles, with colours and finish options for the frame and header panels.

There are 6 easy steps to get your personalised notice board.

Step 1: Select your frame dimensions. This option allows you to choose the size of your notice board.

Step 2: Select the frame orientation. This step allows customers to choose from a landscape or portrait frame.

Step 3: Select the frame colour. Standard options include silver anodised aluminium and black powder coat which are included in the base price.

Step 4: Select the backing material and colour. The standard option is magnetic whiteboard; this backing is durable in exterior and interior settings.

Step 5: Select a header panel option. Clients can choose between two options, an outer header panel or an inner header panel. The outer header panel option sits above the notice board in comparison to the inner header panel option which sits inside the display board. Users may wish to add these panels to include the organization’s name and/or logo.

VisiGuard Lockable Three Door Notice Board with Six Activity Poster Display attached on it

What are the school notice boards benefits?

School notice boards provide important information

Notice boards keep everyone updated on upcoming events, opportunities of all sorts and peer activities and achievements in school. School announcements, timetables, and schedules to parents, students, and teachers tend to be the most commonly displayed. Civiq provides a vast array of notice boards which can display various items.

The FlexiDisplay ClipLok is an ideal product for displaying student artwork in school grounds and recognizing their accomplishments.

The FlexiDisplay TuffLok is the perfect notice board to communicate important notices to parents. Installation of a prominent notice board near the school office, main entrances or kerbside drop off zones are a great way to build positive communication between teachers and parents, in a convenient setting. It also sparks conversation between peers over certain items advertised on the display boards.

Hence, notice boards can be used for a wide range of school presentations, displaying information to teachers, parents, and students on school campuses.

Endorse activity

Notice boards avoid resource waste such as energy, effort, money and time. In a school environment, notice boards can save time and promote productivity. They save users the difficulty of going through additional communication channels that may hinder the value of time. Channels include memos, messages, emails and other forms of communication. Display boards are traditional therefore they do not require the use of electronic data, making them easy to handle and maintain.

Sense of unity

Typical notice boards symbolize a sense of belonging and social cohesion. The events promoted on school notice boards, engrave inclusive events shared with the whole school to invite them to sporting events, musical performances, creative writing entries, and many other events. With these events being promoted on notice boards, it invites students to participate in different events showcasing their various talents. Therefore, growing a strong school community and hunger to fight, strive and do the best at everything they attempt!

Source of inspiration

Notice boards serve a purpose of inspiration and motivation. School notice boards allow students to showcase pictures, poems, stories and quotes encouraging a positive attitude. If students’ work is displayed on notice boards, it gives them a sense of appreciation and accomplishment. Additionally, display boards serve as a beneficial learning tool, in which teachers may add visual representation about the topics which are being taught, enhancing the student’s memory and creative aspects.

Bearing in mind the range of methods a notice board can be utilised, notice boards are not minor assets to a school environment. Notice boards keep people up-to-date, replace the lengthy process of finding information online and encourages student participation in current activities. Notice boards allow for resources to be out in the open and easily accessible by students, parents and staff. Hence, notice boards and poster displays prove to be a vital resource specifically in the school environment.

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