Secure Grant Funding for Your School Drinking Fountain: Guide

The Role of Schools in Student Well-being

Schools play a key role in people’s lives. As a teacher, you nurture the growth and development of young minds.  A vital aspect of this responsibility is looking after your students’ well-being and health. A crucial aspect of well-being is access to clean, safe drinking water. Yes, it is often overlooked…

More and more schools like yours recognise the significance of easy access to fresh and clean drinking water. And they seek grant funding to install or upgrade school drinking fountains. All to promote hydration and better health for their students.

Bligh Park Public School students refilling their water bottles at an Aquafil Hydrobank School Drinking Water Stations with a splash artwork template

Promote Sustainability Through School Drinking Fountains

At the same time, many schools look for new ways to meet their sustainability goals. Drinking fountains play a big part in the reduction of single-use plastic waste. And help create an eco-friendly campus.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of preparing a successful grant application for school drinking fountains.

Assess Grant Eligibility

Before you dive into a grant application process, assess your eligibility for the specific grant you’re targeting. This is super important. Familiarise yourself with the grant guidelines, criteria, and deadlines.

Once you’ve determined that your school is a suitable candidate, it’s time to start writing your application.

Students Quenching Their Thirst at an Aquafil Hydrobank School Drinking Trough

Prepare Your Grant Answers in Advance

Next, prepare a compelling grant application. You can do this well before you find a suitable grant. This helps make sure you are prepared to meet tight deadlines. Commonly asked grant questions are:

  • Planned Activities: Describe the actions you intend to take in detail.
  • Expected Outcomes: Explain the positive changes you expect to see your project deliver.
  • Measurement of Results: Outline the plan to evaluate and measure the success of your project.
  • Sustainability: Address how you will ensure the continuation of the project beyond the funding period.
  • Budget Outline: Provide a clear breakdown of your project’s financial needs.
Student of Berala Public School refilling their water bottles at Civiq Aquafil Drinking Water Stations with Green Aboriginal Artwork Template

Craft Your Grant Application

The heart of your grant application lies in your project plan. This plan should answer fundamental questions that grant assessors will seek to understand:

  • Problem Statement: Clearly articulate the issue you aim to resolve. In this case, the need for sustainable, accessible, and safe drinking water in your school.
  • Solution: Explain how your project, installing new drinking fountains, addresses these problems.
  • Timeline: Outline the project’s schedule, including when you need the funds.
  • Budget: Present a comprehensive budget. Include the total project cost and any resources or funding already secured.
  • Team: Introduce the individuals involved in the project and highlight their roles and expertise.
Students of Cronulla public school hoding a water bottle with Aquafil Hydrobank in the background

Share Your School’s Story

Your ability to convey why this project is essential to your school and community is what sets your grant application apart. Share your passion for the initiative and explain how it will benefit the students and the school community. Ensure that your narrative aligns with the grant’s submission guidelines. This makes it easy for the assessors to understand and support your cause.

Reporting and Building Relationships

Beyond securing the grant, planning for the reporting phase is essential. Understand what you must report on, such as project outcomes and budget items. You can also add impact to your report by including photos, videos, and student quotes.

students enjoying their school's newly installed Aquafil Drinking Water Fountain

Ready to Begin Your Grant Journey?

Securing grant funding for school drinking fountains is a mission worth investing in. It enhances the health and well-being of students. And creates healthy habits for life. Plus, drinking fountains reduce single-use plastic waste and play an essential role in meeting sustainability goals.

We hope the steps outlined in this guide helps deliver success for your school.

Ready to get started? Ask for a quote to kickstart your grant journey.

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