The Best Outdoor Drinking Fountains for Australia

Deliver a superior drinking water experience

Staying hydrated outdoors is vital, especially under the Australian sun. But a grimy, boring bubbler isn’t exactly an enticing way to stay refreshed. Are you a council planner with a passion for your community? Here’s what you need to look for to ensure you select a high-quality outdoor drinking fountain. One that boasts Australian-made quality and cool art. A product that delivers a superior drinking water experience.

A mother and her daughter, accompanied by their playful dog, relishing a day at the beach where an Aquafil Drinking Water Station is placed, guaranteeing convenient access to fresh water for everyone enjoying the shoreline.

Built to Last: The Power of Stainless Steel

The harsh Australian climate demands resilience. This means you need a drinking fountain that withstands the elements. From bustling cities to parks and playgrounds, durable stainless-steel ensures years of reliable service. Plus, stainless steel is naturally hygienic. This makes it a perfect choice for public spaces.

The Art of Hydration: A Splash of Aussie Creativity

Let’s face it—a plain fountain can be a bit of a bore. Why not add a touch of creativity? Imagine your community drinking fountains wrapped with personalised art. This Aussie invention sees cool graphics transform a functional object into a conversation starter. And make drinking water more attractive. These drinking fountains inject your community’s personality into your public outdoor space.

A woman refilling her water bottle at an Aquafil Pulse Drinking Water Station adorned with a vibrant and colorful artwork template, promoting hydration with a touch of artistry.

Beyond Hydration: A Bottle Refill Bonanza

Gone are the days of wasteful disposable water bottles. The best outdoor drinking fountains cater to the eco-conscious crowd with a built-in bottle filler. This encourages people to choose tap water as their preferred drink. And carry reusable bottles, reducing plastic waste.

Invest in Value: A Long-Term Gain

Consider the long-term costs when investing in your public infrastructure. Low-quality drinking fountains deteriorate quickly. They cost you more in the long run, and the public won’t enjoy using them. On the other hand, a high-quality, Australian-made stainless-steel fountain, is a long-term investment. Designed to provide years of community service.

A woman standing by an Aquafil FlexiFountain drinking water station with a swinging dog bowl, allowing her dog to drink from it.

Ditch the dull and embrace the beautiful

Opt for an Australian Made outdoor drinking fountain made from durable stainless steel, featuring bottle refill options and a touch of Aussie Art. It will be a valuable and vibrant addition to your outdoor community space.

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