Thirsty Students Take Charge: Fundraise for a New Water Fountain

Boring Bubblers? Ugh, the Struggle is Real!

Old-school bubblers can be, well, a total drag. Just imagine: you’re super thirsty, and the only option to get a drink is a boring bubbler. A dirty old fountain that sputters like a sad robot. No fun!

Old drinking fountain at a Victoria school being replaced by the modern Aquafil Hydrobank featuring vibrant blue Aboriginal artwork, symbolizing innovation and improved student hydration.

Hydration Heroes to the Rescue

That’s why we see more and more awesome students that take matters into their own hands. These Hydration Heroes raise money to buy a brand-new drinking fountain. With cool art and water bottle refill options.

Aquafil Hydrobank in Circle Aboriginal Artwork Template. Fundraise to provide your students with an Aquafil Hydrobank drinking fountain.
Download this fundraising poster showing the Hydrobank with cool art templates

Why a New School Drinking Fountain is a Big Deal

When students work together to get something they want, they feel more invested in it. A shiny new fountain won’t just be a place where they fill up a water bottle. It’ll be a place that reminds them of their hard work. And a cool symbol of how much they care about staying healthy.

Support your students by fundraising to bring an Aquafil Hydrobank drinking fountain to life with our Sketches Artwork Template.
Download this fundraising poster showing the Hydrobank with cool art templates

Operation Hydration: Fundraising Fun

Encourage your students to undertake a range of fundraising activities. Brainstorm together. Consider activities like bake sales, talent shows, car washes, or even an art auction.

The Power of a Sip: A Healthier School for All

By working together, these students do more than quench their thirst for a new fountain. They help create a school that values health and well-being. After all, a healthy school is a happy school, and it all starts with a simple sip of water.

An Aquafil Hydrobank with Butterfly Aboriginal Artwork Template. Support your students by fundraising to acquire a new drinking fountain in your school.
Download this fundraising poster showing the Hydrobank with cool art templates. Inspire students to establish fundraising efforts for a drinking fountain.

Ready to make a splash?

Download the free fundraising poster PDF to kick off your hydration campaign! Eye-catching visuals are an awesome way to spread the word. This poster features the popular Hydrobank with cool art templates. If you have a specific water station in mind, get in touch. We’ll help you create a poster that perfectly represents your fundraising goals.

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