VIC GOV Capital Works Fund: Grants for Drinking Fountains

Get a Grant to Fund a Drinking Fountain in Your School

This guide is designed to help school leaders understand how they can apply for funding from the Victorian Government’s Capital Works Fund (CWF) to install drinking fountains in their schools.

The CWF is a grant program that supports Victorian government schools with funding for small-scale projects that improve the learning environment, address building condition issues, or promote student inclusion.

An illustrative depiction of the Aquafil Hydrobank School drinking trough, designed with a vibrant Aboriginal artwork template. This image highlights its DDA compliance, tailored for VIC School Grant Fountain initiatives.

How can the CWF be used to fund accessible drinking fountains?

Schools can apply for funding under Stream 1 (up to $50,000) or Stream 3 (up to $300,000) of the CWF to install (accessible) drinking fountains such as the Aquafil Hydrobank or Pulse drinking water stations. These fountains are specifically designed for schools. And they are suitable for students with disabilities or additional needs.

Key Points to Consider

  • Project Eligibility: Ensure your project meets all CWF eligibility criteria.
  • Funding Stream: Choose the appropriate funding stream based on your project’s estimated cost.
  • Project Scope: Clearly define the scope of your project, including details like the type of fountain, number of units, and installation location. Include this information in your application. Ask our team to help with photos and images!
  • Student Inclusion: Emphasise how the accessible drinking fountain will improve participation and learning outcomes for students with disabilities.
A rendered image showcasing an Aquafil Hydrobank School drinking trough adorned with an Aboriginal artwork template, featuring DDA compliance for VIC School Grant Fountain applications.

Next Steps

  1. Review the CWF program guidelines to confirm eligibility and application requirements.
  2. Measure the proposed installation location and choose an appropriate accessible drinking fountain.
  3. Get a Quote for your preferred fountain and installation.
  4. Prepare your application through the SmartyGrants online portal before the closing date of June 28th, 2024.

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