The Importance of Watermark Certification for Drinking Fountains

WaterMark ensures you drink the purest water available

Are you specifying drinking fountains for your community? Then it’s your responsibility to ensure people drink the purest water available. Look for Watermark Certification when you select products for your projects. These certifications ensure that the water dispensed from your public drinking fountains is clean, healthy, and safe to drink. All drinking water products sold by Civiq are WaterMark Certified. This includes the popular Aquafil product range. Find out below what WaterMark Certification is, and the reasons why certification matters for your community.

Kids enjoying and utilising an Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed in a park.

What Is WaterMark Certification?

The WaterMark Certification Scheme is a national scheme managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is a standard writing body responsible for the National Construction Code, WaterMark and CodeMark Certification Schemes, and regulatory reform in the construction industry. The ABCB is a joint initiative of the Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments, together with the building and plumbing industries. Their testing procedures and standards are recognised by both public and private water utilities, manufacturers, regulators, building owners, and engineers.

WaterMark Certification Logo

The video below focuses on the importance of looking for Watermark Certification WaterMark on household items like taps and sinks. The same applies to Public Drinking Fountains. The WaterMark Certification ensures that the product is safe to use and fit for its purpose.

WaterMark Certification and Public Drinking Water Fountains

Look for WaterMark when buying or installing drinking water stations

The importance of checking products are WaterMark Certified

It is important that you confirm your drinking water fountain is WaterMark Certified before purchasing. It is legal to import, buy and sell products that are not certified. However, these products cannot be retrospectively certified. What’s worse, a certified plumber is not allowed to install a product in situations where WaterMark certified products are required by the National Construction Code.

This means that a licensed plumber is not permitted to install a fountain that is not WaterMark certified. You could be offering your community drinking water from a fountain that is potentially not safe to use! In addition, you will also run into problems when trying to get the drinking water fountain installed.

How to check if a product is WaterMark Certified:

Check for WaterMark Certification each time you buy new products. It is that  simple. Here are a few tips to help:

1. Look for the WaterMark ‘W’ on products to see if the product is WaterMark certified.

2. If you can’t see the WaterMark ‘W’ on your product, head to the online WaterMark product database where you can search for the WaterMark license number, product type, brand name, model name, model ID, or licensee name.

Kids enjoying and utilising an Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed in a park.
Aquafil FlexiFountain Drinking Water Station is WaterMark Certified

Summary: Why WaterMark Certification Is Important For Public Drinking Fountains

In Australia, most plumbing and drainage products must be WaterMark certified. 

WaterMark is a mandatory national product certification scheme that ensures certain plumbing and drainage products are safe, fit for purpose and authorised for use. This means you can rest assured that a material or product has been tested, and meets the approved product specification.

It’s important to use WaterMark certified products. This ensures installations are safe and fit for their purpose. Some consequences of not using WaterMark certified products where required include:

  • Costs of replacing materials
  • Product failure resulting in building damage and loss, and
  • Possible voided insurance.

For these reasons, it’s important you look for the WaterMark on products and packaging before purchasing, to ensure the product is certified and authorised for installation.

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