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Step into a world of innovation and impact – Civiq. Where standout brands like Aquafil, Elkay, and Cycla unite purpose-driven pioneers. Together, they form a curated spectrum of products under the Civiq brand umbrella.

At Civiq, collaboration is more than just a word – it’s our guiding principle. We’ve joined forces with a range of brands and hold distribution rights to a range of products. And that’s how we offer you access to a world of possibilities.

Join Civiq in shaping environments and experiences that defy the norm.

Aquafil: personalised hydration for public spaces.

Aquafil by Civiq is the leading manufacturer of Australian-made drinking water fountains and refill stations for schools and local councils.

The range is robust, durable and efficient, providing modern, sustainable and economical solutions for public spaces. Every step of Aquafil’s design and manufacturing reflects a passion for the environment, keeping environmental impact low, and reducing customer energy and production costs.

Aquafil stations can be easily modified with customisable, vandal-resistant signage featuring personalised branding, messaging or artwork.

Your challenges – Our inspiration

When Sydney’s beachside Manly Council enquired about adding a tap to their wayfinding signage, they solved two problems with one solution. They achieved a reduction of plastic waste and created a happily hydrated community.

From this, one of Civiq Brand,  Aquafil by Civiq was born.

After seeing the success of drinking water stations in parks, schools wanted to install highly visible bottle refill stations on their campuses. Councils soon followed suit.

Since then, Aquafil has developed a unique diverse range of hydration stations. The brand is known for making durable drinking water products, including drinking water stations that feature personalised branding and messaging panels. Aquafil’s public drinking fountains that can be customised and adapted to suit your specific needs.


Sustainability Delivered

Reduce Plastic Waste and Make a Positive Impact Today and Tomorrow


Drink More, Live Better

Encourage Healthy Lifestyles with Easy Access to Fresh and Clean Drinking Water


Tailor-Made for Your

Personalize Your Drinking Fountain with Art

CYCLA by Civiq

Cycla by Civiq’s range of bike racks, bike repair stations and air pumps delivers economical solutions for safe and secure bicycle parking and maintenance. Innovative bike rack designs, bike repair stations, and bike storage are ideal for high usage areas in public and commercial spaces.

Increase access to bicycle infrastructure in your community

Bicycling facilities enable cyclists to undertake maintenance and repairs at a central and convenient location along the popular bicycling pathways. Providing these facilities in your community encourages more people to choose to ride their bikes, enjoy them, and keep riding.

Are you doing enough to improve the cycling infrastructure in your community? More people are choosing to ride a bike every day. When you are planning more places to ride a bicycle, you also need to plan for bike parking.


Sustainability Delivered

Increase access to bicycle infrastructure in your community


Ride More, Live Better

Encourage Healthy Lifestyles


Tailored Solutions

Unlimited Possibilities

Elkay - Authorised Distributor in Australia

Elkay has a 100-year history in innovative product design. Today, Elkay delivers world-class water coolers, drinking fountains and award-winning rapid bottle filling stations. Civiq is Elkay’s exclusive local distribution partner.

Inspired by Sustainability

Water sustains everything, and effective and efficient water management is fundamental for the safety and health of people and the planet.

That’s why collectively for over two centuries, the businesses of Zurn Elkay Water Solutions have been providing innovative water solutions that promote health and hydration, conserve resources and help keep people safe.

Zurn and Elkay joining forces gave us an even greater opportunity to lead the way on sustainable products that are created with a commitment to ESG principles.


Improved hygiene

Hands-free dispensing helps prevent the spread of germs


Healthier hydration

Filtered water for cleaner, better-tasting water.


Green Ticker

Count the bottles of single use plastic saved from landfill with every refill.

Unique Solutions

Every project is unique - to your people, your needs and your vision. Our diverse range of signature solutions has been developed to suit varying project scopes and budgets.Civiq brand offers multiple customisations to ensure the products you select are fit-for-purpose and provide the best experience for your community.

Personalised Messaging

Help people connect with your brand and purpose, and tell YOUR story. Customise your water stations with brand messaging, council information, or simply add a splash of colour or personalised artwork on the Aquafil range.

Proven Range

Meet the specific needs of your project by tailoring your own solution from a suite of proven products.

Tailored Design

Design your own hydration solution. Our local manufacturing and design capabilities bring your vision to life.

Create Healthy, Happy Communities

Together, we create better places to live, learn, work and play. Find out how you can build thriving communities and achieve your sustainability goals.

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