Aquafil FlexiFountain 1200BF

Compact and hard-wearing, the 1200mm-high Aquafil FlexiFountain drinking fountain and bottle refill station offers a convenient source of drinking water in public environments.

Aquafil FlexiFountain 1200BF features two anti-bacterial bottle refill nozzles and a wheelchair-accessible drinking fountain. It comes with the added option of an inbuilt sub-micron or 5-micron filter. Customisable signage graphics on the exterior panels, combined with a robust, vandal-resistant design, make the Aquafil FlexiFountain an ideal solution for outdoor community and local council spaces.

Architecture & Access Accessibility Statement Aquafil FlexiFountain 1200BF

The FlexiFountain is in line with international standards, more recent Australian Standards and current anthropometric data of people seated in a manual wheelchair.

Key Product Features

2 Water Bottle Refill Points + 1 Drinking Fountain

Custom Art Panels with UV and Anti-Graffiti Protection

Optional Dog Bowl, Service Tap

Optional Filter, Water Meter

Optional Thermal Plumbing Insulation, Frost Protection Device

Configure your Aquafil FlexiFountain 1200BF

Configuration Options

Swinging Dog Bowl

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Service Tap

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Water Filter

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Water Meter

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Internal Plumbing Protection

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