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Aquafil FlexiWash Jr

Stylish and durable, the Aquafil FlexiWash Jr hand washing station offers a better way to wash your hands in public environments.

Aquafil FlexiWash Jr Hand Washing Station features a sensor-activated tap which helps to reduce the chances of cross-contamination at touchpoints and customisable, interchangeable signage panels with graffiti protection. Optional extras include a hand towel dispenser and a sensor-activated soap dispenser. The unit also features high-quality, readily serviceable components.

The hand washing stations are designed to increase the availability of handwashing facilities in public environments as washing your hands properly can help prevent the spread of germs (like bacteria and viruses) that cause disease.

Multiple customised signage panels provide a platform for branding and messaging. The Aquafil FlexiWash Jr vandal-resistant design increases the life span of the product making it an ideal solution for educational, commercial, and community facilities as well as local council spaces.

Australian Made Aquafil FlexiWash Jr

The Aquafil FlexiWash Jr Hand Washing Station is Certified Australian Made.

Certifications, and Warranty

Key Product Features and Customisation Options

Custom Art Panels with UV and Anti-graffiti Protection

Touchless, Sensor Activation

Food Grade Stainless Steel

Configure yourAquafil FlexiWash Jr

Configuration Options

Sensor activated soap dispenser

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Hand towel dispenser

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