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Our water hydration stations are designed to deliver a great user experience for all, and our team is here to help you make the most of your investment.

With our nationwide team of installation and service experts, we’ll take care of everything from start to finish. We’re here to help you choose the right water hydration stations for your needs, install them quickly and efficiently, and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

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Civiq’s Maintenance Package Options


Maintaining your hydration station is key to delivering a great user experience for your community over the long term.

Interviews conducted with communities show that people refuse to drink from water stations due to:

  • Vandalism leading to non-operational parts
  • Poor maintenance resulting in dirty stations
  • Bad taste due to old filters

Ensure your community benefits from the infrastructure you provide through:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Regular filter replacement

Service and Maintenance Package Options



Bronze service offers 1 service per year per unit.


Silver service offers 2 service per year per unit.


Gold service offers 4 service per year per unit.


Enquire to configure your custom maintenance package.


Removal of visible mold, mildew, graffiti


Inspect sensors, solenoids, buttons and compressor/refrigeration, components if fitted


Water flow and temperature


Detailed report of findings and works + meter reading

1x Complimentary

Call-out service between the scheduled quarterly visit

Filter change

Supply and change filter

Caring for your water station

Our drinking fountains are constructed from durable stainless steel, which offers the advantage of easy maintenance. To clean your water station, simply use soap or a mild detergent along with warm water. Afterwards, rinse the station with clean water. This cleaning method is typically suitable for both domestic and architectural equipment, ensuring satisfactory results. We recommend adding vinegar to the water mixture for more stubborn stains as an effective solution.

By following these simple cleaning instructions, you ensure an enhanced appearance and prolong the lifespan of your water station. We strive to provide our clients with products that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, allowing you to enjoy clean and refreshing water for years to come.


Cleaning Agent


Routine cleaning.

Soap or mild detergent and water. (preferably warm)

Sponge, rinse with clean water, wipe dry if necessary. Follow polish lines.


Soap and warm water or organic solven (eg acetone, alcohol, methylated spirits)

Rinse with clean water and wipe dry. Follow polish lines.

Stubborn stains and discolouration.

Mild cleaning solutions. Ensure any proprietary cleaners state compatibility with stainless steel. Phosphoric acid cleaners may also be effective.

Use rag, sponge or fibre brush (soft nylon or natural bristle. An old toothbrush can be useful). Rinse well with clean water and wipe dry. Follow polish lines.

Lime deposits from hard water.

Solution of one part vinegar to three parts water.

Soak in solution then brush to loosen. Rinse well with clean water.

Oil or grease marks.

Organic solvents (eg. acetone, alcohol, methylated spirits, proprietary "safety solvents"). Baked-on grease can be softened beforehand with ammonia.

Clean after with soap and water, rinse with clean water and dry. Follow polish lines.

Download your product care instructions below.

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Quality is key at Civiq.  

Products are designed and manufactured to deliver a great user experience and are tested for longevity and vandal resistance.   

Through smart and robust design, meticulous attention to material selection, the application of proven and innovative technologies, and quality manufacturing processes, we create safe, smart, and effective products.  

Generous warranties and guarantees back our signature and distributed products.   

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Our hydration products carry the Australian Building Codes Board ‘WaterMark’. This product certification mark guarantees the quality and reliability of every product we deliver. It ensures the product is fit for purpose and authorised for installation by a licensed plumber.