Eliminate Plastic Waste From Your Gym Floor

Create an eco-friendly gym with drinking water bottle refill stations.

Taking steps to reduce single-use plastic waste shows that your club cares about their footprint. These little member experiences are what sets you apart.

It’s how you build an eco-friendly fitness culture.

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The demand for eco-friendly centres is on the rise. Don't get left behind.

The sports, gyms and fitness sector’s massive global reach presents a unique opportunity to positively influence human behaviour.

Are you ready to make the change to more eco-friendly practices?

Elkay EZH2O Drinking fountain & bottle filling station

Features sanitary no-touch sensor activation with an automatic 20-second shut-off time. The built-in Green Ticker counts the number of bottles saved from waste.

Product Features

      • Sanitary no-touch auto sensor activation
      • Filtered and refrigerated water
      • Quick fill rate
      • Disability-friendly design.
      • WaterSentry Plus filtration with visual LED filter replacement monitor
      • Up to five-year warranty
      • WaterMark™ certified
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Elkay LivPro In-Wall Filtered Water Dispenser

Stylish, slimline, space-saving design, that sits flush with the wall. Glass and stainless-steel finish.

Perfect for gyms that do not want to compromise on style.

Product Features

  • Disability-friendly design.
  • Chilled water option available
  • Automatic Filter Status Reset
  • Green Ticker™  counts the number plastic water bottles saved from waste
  • Electronic Bottle Filler Sensor activation
  • WaterMark™ certified
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Elkay Easy Touch Hands-free Sensor-activated drinking fountain

Features hands-free, sensor-activated controls for effortless access whilst reducing the chances of cross-contamination from touchpoints. The unit comes standard with a Flexi-guard anti-microbial nozzle for safety.

Product Features

    • Flexi-Guard anti-microbial safety fountain
    • Hands-Free® sensor operation with 30-second auto shut-off
    • Disability friendly design
    • Visual Filter Monitor
    • Up to five-year warranty
    • WaterMark™ certified
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Consumers are willing to spend more with a sustainable gym

The rise of the eco-friendly gym or fitness centre has every club searching for more ways to be more sustainable. Once considered a higher-end option, opting for a greener gym is now a necessity.

You'll save more than money

Easy access to fresh and clean drinking water boosts team morale, staff retention, and your bottom line. Go green by cutting single-use plastic waste.

Case Studies

Civiq has contributed to many eco-friendly projects with gyms, councils, education institutions, architects, building managers, and specification officers to deliver the best drinking fountain and water bottle refill stations.